Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Our world is becoming more and more social and the number of social networks is consistently increasing. Using social media with a website can attract and retain potential customers and increase earnings.
Each social network has its own characteristics and options so that the activities on each network are different, but here we will list some basic activities that are common to most of the famous networks

Activities for promotion on Social Media Marketing:

  • Assessing which social network corresponds to your business profile - to spend time and money on only those networks that will bring you the best results
  • Creating profiles on social networks - includes naming, creating a profile image, filling out basic information About Us, Contact, Map, link to your website and more. The design and layout of the profile that will be appealing.
  • Setting up Direct Posts (Text, Images, Videos) - content should be interesting, and each network has its recommended number of posts to achieve the best results.
  • Sharing content ( text, photos, videos) from your website to social networking profiles - a social sharing tool should be installed on your web site
  • Linking your social network profile and your website - each network has its own linking rules.
  • Regularly adding new fans (Fans) - with the goal of getting more people to follow your profile and visit your website. In doing so, care should be taken to select quality followers who may be interested in your services and they also have many followers.
  • For each network, it is necessary to estimate the best time to post Posts as well as many other activities that are important for each social network.

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